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My Week – Ice Cream, Victorian Lemonade, Biscotti’s and Ball Pits

I somehow seemed to have missed out on two weeks worth of the My Week linky – where the hell does time disappear to when you have a baby? I feel like I just blinked and missed most of July!

Partly I think that’s because I’m finally getting out more – it seems to have taken me a really long time to adjust to life with a small human in tow but I feel like I’m finally starting to nail it. So here’s what we got up to!


Monday started with me feeling pretty moody to be honest. I wrote this post about how totally devastated I am to be going back to work soon which was cathartic but afterwards I still felt pretty shitty about the whole thing. I seem to have become that mum that, at some point every day, will look at my baby doing something cute and then burst in to tears that I have to leave him. I have no idea why as I never thought I’d feel this way but there ya go – it seemed to consume me a bit on Monday.

I was a little cheered up though by Oscar trying biscotti (he’s now learnt how to eat with his own hands rather than just stare at me with his mouth wide open waving his arms up and down). Biscotti gave me THIS face. For which I am now eternally grateful –  thanks biscotti.

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Tuesday started out with no plans – just the intention of playing and snuggling for most of the day. In the morning I made some toast (this IS going somewhere) and for the first time Oscar nabbed it off my plate and started munching. I was shocked but it was hilarious and I’m so pleased that he’s finally interested in chunkier food as I’ve been a bad mum and have been living off Ella’s pouches for way too long. At lunchtime I got a call from my mum saying they (her and my grandparents) were going to my favourite cafe in town for some food and inviting us to join them. I decided to go and meet them because not only do they make a mean victorian lemonade float (enough to sell it to me on its own) but because I’m also trying to spend as much time with my nanna as possible. We had a shock just after Oscar was born as my nan collapsed in the middle of the night and during checks at hospital they discovered she had breast and brain cancer. They are managing it at the moment with drugs but you never know what will happen in the future and as I’ve lived with her most of my life she’s like my second mum so I need to take every opportunity to spend time with her while I can. I want Oscar to know what an incredible woman she is so a lunch out together was a lovely opportunity to all get together. Oscar also proceeded to try and eat my brie sandwhich and shove far too big pieces of cucumber in his mouth that I spent most of lunch trying to fish out of his mouth without getting bitten by those uber sharp first teeth!


On Wednesday I was feeling pretty fraught. The moment Oscar was born it became apparent that he wasn’t going to be a very chilled out baby. He’s always had to be kicking or waving his arms or being entertained. Every. Single. Second. Of. Every. Single. Day. He just won’t sit and relax like other babies I’ve seen. He gets bored of doing something after about two minutes – multiply that by the two to three hours he’s awake for between each nap and you get one very exhausted and pretty frustrated Kelly. So in desperation I decided to go and raid Toys R Us for some bits to keep him entertained – this seemed to have worked for about half an hour until he was grizzling and whingy again. *sigh* I treated myself to a big drink that night I can tell you.

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On Thursday the bestie and I decided that we needed to get out of the house – with two babies and a toddler who had just started his summer holiday we were both desperate to escape the confines of our own homes and have a change of scenery so we decided on a walk and ice creams on the Ashdown Forest. Oscar, inevitably, fell asleep on the way there so we munched our way through some 99’s before taking a little stroll.

Then all back to the besties for tea and plenty of biscuits! Nom!

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Friday was pretty damn cool – we took the kiddies back out, this time to a trampolining centre local to us called Funabounds. Oscar is definitely a rough play kind of baby and he giggled loads as we jumped higher and higher on the trampolines. We then popped for a dirty burger at the naughty fast food place beginning with M (too ashamed to type it!) It was pissing it down at the point and me being me had forgotten to bring the pushchair rain cover – cue mad dash to the car, wet mummy and wet Oscar and me leaving my sprite on the roof as I drove off cursing the British summer! I got back to the house and my mood wasn’t improved as I remembered what a total state I had left the place in *sigh*

Saturday & Sunday

The weekend was a lazy blur – Oscar was seriously moody all weekend. He was either poorly or his teeth were causing issues because it was just one long tag team of comforting and trying to entertain him with a quick walk to feed the ducks with some friends somewhere in between. The video below was about the only calming moment we had as we all cuddled on the sofa and Oscar took a couple of selfies!

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So that was my week – I’m hoping the rest of this week is a little less fraught and that I can find a few more ways to keep Ozzy busy for more than five minutes at a time! All suggestions greatly received!

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  1. mummybarrow

    August 3, 2015 - 11:06 am

    Sorry it has taken me a whole week to come back to you. I am rubbish. Oh god I hear you on the return to work thing, it is just so hard isnt it? I have no advice to give you, sorry. The rest of your week sounds pretty damn awesome though!!

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