from Sussex, with love


Well hello there.

from Sussex, with love is run by me, Kelly. I’m a twenty something working in Digital with an unhealthy addiction to ice lollies, cocktails and my laptop. I’m also a total girl geek and lego lover and have a small medium sized crush on Mary Berry (of cake fame).

My blog was originally set up in January 2013 under the name ScissorsPaperRock. It was going to be a place to share craft ideas, recipes and general nerdyness. Then something changed.

I am now mum to Baby Sussex (Oscar) who is 10 months and the size of a small elephant (possible exaggeration) and live in haze of new parent delirium  with his Dad Mr Sussex (not married though I’m pestering often) not far from The Ashdown Forest.

I’m also a member of one of the famous Lewes Bonfire Societies – which basically means once every year I like to blow things up, drink too much and scream “burn him” repeatedly until I fall down…all while dressed as a pirate. What that says about my  personality I’m not quiet sure.

I love food. All food, but particularly making vegetarian food for VERY fussy Mr Sussex.

from Sussex, with love is all about capturing our lives in a tiny corner of the county that we love whilst struggling wildly to figure this parenthood thing out (I’ll either fail miserably or somehow manage to pull it off). From gorgeous food to our outings and frolicks with a little bit of “me” pre-baby thrown in (because being a mum doesn’t mean you need to become boring and start wearing floral dresses).

I have also been blogging for the BabyCentre for just over a year – you can check out my hardcore parenting posts for them over here.

Disclosure: I have a tendency to be a bit too ‘ranty’, am way too competitive and  often sometimes may accidentally swear a bit… you have been warned.

Oh and this is me! I probably have a nicer image than this, but I think it says a lot about my life