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Oscar Snapshot – Where we are at 16 weeks

I can’t quite believe that Oscar is four months old. FOUR MONTHS. Where the hell as that time gone?

It seems like he’s always been here now, despite still not being outside for half of the time he was inside.

A lot has changed since we first brought him home, yet at the same time nothing has. So to keep things recorded somewhere for me (because I’ve been seriously shit at starting some sort of scrapbook) here are some of his milestones to-date.

First Blanket fort with daddy – 1 week


Smiled – 3 weeks (and it wasn’t even because he had gas)


Grabbed my finger – 4 weeks

Started to coo – 4 weeks

Stupid WordPress won’t let me embed a YouTube video without it being 20 feet wide but you can see it here. (If anyone can tell me how to make wordpress stop being a bellend, please let me know!)

Started to sleep in a grobag in his cot – 6 weeks

cot sleep

Started to hold his head – 7 weeks (no photo as mum always holding baby…obvs)

Started to show signs of teething – 8 weeks (insta dribble)


First walk in the woods with daddy – 10 weeks

daddyRolled from back to front – 12 weeks


Wore proper boy clothes – 13 weeks (because baby grows are SO much easier)


Started to play with toys properly – 13 weeks


Tried to army crawl – 14 weeks (no picture as mum busy panicking that he would suffocate in rug)


First bedtime story –  15 weeks (that he actually paid attention to)


First family picnic – 16 weeks


He’s also preferring to stand up (with help of course) and sit far more than lie down – which is both a good (definitely becoming more independent and it will help his flat head) and bad (he’s heavy and it aches a LOT to keep him standing for so long) thing.

Food-wise he’s having a few more bottles in the day now. I’m still persisting with breastfeeding after my struggles but he’s definitely more content after a good bottle feed and it also helps him push out any nasty poo that’s giving him a tummy ache far better than my boob does.

Sleeping is still sporadic. He had settled himself into a routine of sleeping 9pm – 4am and then going back to bed after a feed until 6.30-7 but that seems to have gone out of the window now. Some nights it’s 7pm and waking at who-the-hell-knows-o’clock and other it’s 10.  There doesn’t seem to be any pattern at the minute but I’m hoping that’s because of the four month sleep regression – either that or wishful thinking!

What has amazed me more than anything is seeing his personality come to life. He has his own character, his own moods, likes and dislikes. He’s become a real little person and I’m not sure I actually realised that would happen so soon – in my head I just assumed he’d be doing nothing but pooing and crying for months, but it seems to have eased off and we now have a proper little boy.

I’m really looking forward to the next few months now – to him learning to stand (I think he’ll skip crawling as he hates being on his stomach), learning to talk and giggle (we’ve had the beginnings of a chuckle but nothing full blown yet) and starting our weaning adventure (love a good mess and an excuse to get my food processor out!).

I’ll leave you with this – him on the day he was born vs now. I don’t notice his altering features as it’s so gradual but he really has changed. Here’s to the next four months!

oscar ten and now


p.s. can you tell that I don’t have time for taking good photo’s anymore?

p.p.s. as I write this, Oscar is now actually 19 weeks…It’s taken 3 bloody weeks to write this post *sigh*

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