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It’s Chicco Time! (The prize for the lamest blog title goes to…ME!)

God awful title aside, it really is Chicco time as today marks the launch of their brand new DryFit nappy range (it’s first ever nappy range in the UK!) and I was very lucky to receive some ahead of the launch to take for a pooey test drive. Our verdict? I LOVE them, and here’s why:

Size and Fit:

Oscar was about 16lb 4oz when the nappies arrived. We received a pack of 3’s and a pack of 4’s as I was worried about what size he would fit into. We’ve been using a combination of Tesco and Aldi nappies recently and have been struggling between these two sizes as he seems to be somewhere in between – the 3’s have clearly been too tight and have cut into him and the 4’s are stupidly baggy and leave gaps that even the smallest poosplosion could find its way out of.

Although the sizing was the same (9-20lbs for the 3’s) the fit was far better than what we’re used to. They fit nice and snuggly but never left those tell-tale tightness marks around his thighs and we didn’t ever feel that they looked too tight or too loose on him.  We haven’t had any  leaks whatsoever either – which is really what you want in a nappy!

Oscar is also the kickiest baby I have ever seen and the nappies stayed in place beautifully, despite his frantic movements and constant desire to be standing… then sitting… then rolling… then kicking… then standing… you get the picture.

A good looking fit for a good looking little dude


The material of the nappies is fab. It’s really slim (certainly nowhere near as bulky as some of the cheaper brands we’ve been using) and is very soft. I really wasn’t sure they were up to the job when I first pulled them out as they felt like they wouldn’t be able to hold much liquid but I was very wrong. The nappies feel fab in terms of quality and certainly hold their own in terms of longevity. Oscar has been sleeping through from 9pm to 6.30am (touch wood!) for about a month and the Chicco nappies didn’t let us down at all – by morning there was a tiny bit of dampness but certainly less than with other brands, and his bum wasn’t at all sore. Result!

I’ve also found that he got less eczema on his stomach around the top of his nappy lining. I wasn’t 100% sure this was because of the nappies until I ran out and suddenly realised that they weren’t even on sale yet and had to revert to my usual brand – BOOM instant eczema! The fabric is clearly of a high quality and I can definitely vouch for its gentleness on eczema prone skin!


One big plus point for us was that the external lining was almost fabric-like, making it extra breathable. As an eczema sufferer it’s really important that Oscar doesn’t get too stuffy and sweaty as it will make his skin worse and the Chicco nappies were fab for this as his skin felt as if it had had plenty of air to it and he was never clammy when I changed him – that’s also been particularly impressive given the sudden hot weather we’ve been having! He even stayed cool on his first trip to the beach (Birling Gap, seeing as you asked).

I Love Boots:

The final plus point? Chicco are partnering with Boots for the launch of their nappies – I bloody love Boots and could get lost for hours in there (I actually did once – it was a very large store). Who doesn’t want to earn boots card points when buying nappies? Nappies are expensive and so I love the idea of turning a necessity for baby into a big treat for mum! (They will also be running a BOGOF on Chicco nappies from 24th of this month!)


I bloody love these nappies. They are light, airy and slimline but don’t compromise on quality or liquid intake as a result (and are actually better quality than most brands I’ve tried). They actually reduced Ozzy’z eczema too so that’s a huge bonus and didn’t leak even after he wore them all night long (and this boy pee’s ALOT). For us they’re a total winner and although they may be more expensive than our usual brands (£7.99 per pack) they are definitely worth the money… and the cheeky pun in being able to say “IT’S CHICCO TIME” everytime he needs his nappy changed!

Don’t believe me? Does THIS look like the face of a baby who’s wearing an uncomfortable nappy? No, no it doesn’t.

PicMonkey CollageAnd if you’re still not convinced, go and hit up your local Boots today and try some!

Side Note:

Chicco also sent Oscar a couple of toys to say thanks for testing the nappies for them – these are bloody ACE and he is one seriously excited kid at having ACTUAL MOVING PARTS to play with!


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