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Happy Fathers Day and My Top 5 TV Dads!

Since having Oscar my OH has been nothing short of epic. After the cesarean he had to pick up all the cleaning and general house stuff that I couldn’t do and has been completely amazing ever since in looking after us both – even though Oscar is now 5 months. In that time we also discovered that my nan (who is basically a second mum to me and who I lived with most of my life) has breast cancer (and secondary brain cancer) and he has been my total rock.

Now anyone who knows me knows that my one major vice is TV. I studied media at uni because I love it so much and am generally glued to mine all day now (whilst playing with Oscar too of course!) so in honour of the day and my OH here are My Top 5 TV Dads:

Doctor Who

doctor who

Why I love him: OK so he may only be a dad for one episode (so far – she’s out there somewhere!) but how on this Earth (and all of the other planets in the universe) could he NOT be an amazing Dad? He would never miss a birthday or special occasion (cuz y’know… time machine), he’d get you all the best presents (Holy Grail? No worries! Holo-boat? Check! Actual chunk of diamond from a planet MADE ENTIRELY OF DIAMOND? You betcha!) AND he’s be able to teach you more about life and the universe than anyone elses dad which would definitely get you into the University of Mars (or whatever the space equivalent to Oxford is). OK, so he may always be disappearing and running off with young pretty girls but we can overlook look that for sheer awesomeness!

Dad Rating: 4/5 hugs

Pete Brockman


Why I love him: Pete Brockman is my perfect combination for a Dad – dry humour, a little bit strict when needed but with just the right amount of fun thrown in for good measure! And he’s also just as wayward as his kids (no matter how hard he tries to hide it!) If anything, he gets himself in more messes than his three children combined but always manages to come good in the end! I also love his realism – life has taken him in a certain direction rather than him getting to live out his dream of travelling and it adds a really human element to his family. You know he loves them but there will always be a niggling “what if” about Pete which makes him very recognisable as a “real” TV Dad!

Dad Rating: 4.5/5 hugs

Ned Stark


Why I love him: Eugh…This guy! What a guy! Who wouldn’t be happy with Ned as their Dad? (If you lived in Westeros of course – I’d be a bit freaked out if he actually was my Dad and insisted on wearing animal fur and brandishing a full length battle sword in Morissons). He will do literally anything for his kids from teaching them harsh life lessons about duty (cutting off a Nights Watchman’s head in front of them anyone?), protecting them with every fiber of his being (lack of head being a perfect example) and even letting them go against the grain to be who they really want (getting a sword made especially for Arya… total tear jerker!). Ned is strong, brave and there for his kids but unlike the other GoT Dads, he’s not afraid to show that sensitive side. RIP Ned – 5 seasons on and I still miss ya.

Dad Rating: 4/5 hugs

Sterling Archer


Why I love him: OK so this one strays a bit from the typical Dad figure in that he’s very unlikely to do any stereotypical Dad activities – picking you up from a mates house, making you a bacon butty on Sunday, rough playing with you etc. BUT there is certainly something to be said (in my books at least) for a bit of adventure! And you’d definitely get that with Archer. Think about all those vital life lessons you’d be able to pick up from him like learning how to make the perfect cocktail (pretty bloody important in my life!) Or learning how to take a man down with just your pinky finger (useful for either being mugged or if someone gets to handsy at a party). PLUS you’d be able to learn all the skills needed for espionage – and I’ve always fancied being a spy. He’s not going to win a Dad of the year award but you’d certainly learn a lot of life skills from this guy!

Dad Rating: 3/5 hugs

Philip Banks


Why I love him: Anyone who was around in the 90’s really doesn’t need this one explaining to them. Terrifying? Absolutely! But doesn’t he look like the most cuddly Dad ever? He’s have you quaking in your boots if you dared disobey him but we all know that somewhere in there is one seriously cool guy – pop on some jazz and get a few glasses of chateauneuf du pape in him and I’m pretty sure you’d be in for a good night. We all know he was secretly a rebellious teen so he’s learnt from experience and he definitely makes sure his kids do the same. Also – taking in your wifes nephew and treating him as one of your own? Total softy!

Dad Rating: 3/5 hugs

And finally a special mention for a Dad-who-isn’t-really-a-dad-but-kinda-is-a-Dad

Rupert Giles


Why I love him: The legend that is Giles. There’s nothing not to love about him. He treats all the scooby gang as if they are his own, puts his life on the line continuously and even lets them nearly kill him on several occasions. Yeah, he’s done bad (trying to kill Buffy’s fella) but really it’s not any worse than a real dad would have done. He’s the fatherly breath of fresh air that Buffy needs and I blood love him.

Honorary Dad Rating: 5/5 hugs

So there we have it – my favorite TV dads. Who would you choose?


Kelly is a twenty-something lover of all things nerdy. Cocktails and lie ins are her favorite things, neither of which she can enjoy since becoming a mum for the first time. She writes about everything she loves and loathes (with a little indifference thrown in for good measure!) She also blogs over on the BabyCentre about life as a new mum.


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