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Back when I fell pregnant a lovely blogger by the name of Molly (Mothers Always Right) recommended me to the good folk at BabyCentre to become one of their Pregnant Bloggers. I was (obviously) over the moon to get to write alongside some super talented bloggers and I’ve been doing it ever since. In fact it was my one year BabyCentre Blogiversary on Friday and it made me realise that I haven’t actually kept a record of every post that I’ve written (you can see where this is going, right?). And it’s probably a good idea that I do keep a list somewhere because it’s only a matter of time before I say something outrageously offensive and get booted from the blogging crew.

So, without further ado – here is my first years worth of BabyCentre blog posts – in chronological order of course 😉

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Sex Dreams in Pregnancy – Are You Getting Some?

Coping With Morning Sickness 

5 Questions Every Pregnant Woman Gets Sick of Hearing

Do You Worry About Your Baby Having an Allergy?

5 Natural Ways to Cope With a Cold During Pregnancy

10 Great Answers to the Question “Why Aren’t You Drinking?”

Smoking in Pregnancy – My Story

28 Week Update – To Immunise or Not to Immunise?

Battling New Baby Shopping – The Circle of Despair

Should We Feel Guilty About Eating Chocolate When We’re Not Pregnant?

Bonfire Night Babies

Should Drinking in Pregnancy be a Criminal Offence?

Learning to be a Parent with Parentskool

The Baby Boy Names at the Top of our List

How Do You Decide When to go on Maternity Leave

Should Women be Paid to Breastfeed?

Three Reasons For and Against a Christmas Birth

To Pay or Not to Pay – NHS vs Private Antenatal Classes

5 Ways to Prepare for Life with a Newborn

5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without in my Third Trimester

Why my Newborn has an Email Address 

I waited 6 Weeks to Name my Baby

7 Things to Know about having an Emergency C-Section

To my Baby Boy on his First Smile

Should I Give Up Breastfeeding?

You Know You’re a Mum When

Bump Envy – Why I Miss Being Pregnant

I’ve Made a Decision about Breastfeeding

Trying to Leave the House with a Baby is like a Game of Monopoly

How I Coped with Prenatal Lows

Should I Feel Guilty For Not Missing my Baby?

My Big Pregnancy Regret

Coping With Hyperemesis Gravidarum – How my Pregnancy Differed from my Best Friend’s

I Wouldn’t Want Someone Else to Breastfeed my Baby

15 Reasons my Baby is a Massive Jerk

15 Reasons my Baby is NOT a Massive Jerk

Help! I Need Your Weaning Tips

Should I Thank My Baby’s Dad?

As If Caesarean Mums Aren’t Made to Feel Bad Enough

Having a Baby Has Knocked my Confidence

10 Things I Miss About My Pre-Mum Life

Lies They Told Me About Parenthood

What’s Wrong With My Baby’s Name?

10 Reasons Being a New Mum is Just Like Your Birthday

How Can I Make the House Safe For My Baby?

Is There an Alternative to Disposable Nappies?


It’s only looking back that I realise how many posts I’ve written and how quickly the last year has gone! Oscar will be one before I know it!

Kelly is a twenty-something lover of all things nerdy. Cocktails and lie ins are her favorite things, neither of which she can enjoy since becoming a mum for the first time. She writes about everything she loves and loathes (with a little indifference thrown in for good measure!) She also blogs over on the BabyCentre about life as a new mum.


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